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Why Make Your Customers Login to a Third Party System, Or Stand In Line, Just to Get on Your Waitlist.
Using a 3rd Party Wait List system forces our customers to become their customers.  Using a manual wait list still causes our customers to wait in line or in crowded lobbies for the opportunity to buy your product.  CEEVO Host enables every customer the ability to join the waitlist remotely, and wait outside or in the comfort of their car until their table is ready.  They could even order before they are seated to reduce their wait at the table and increase table turns.  Use the same system to manage To-Go or Delivery orders. We can support 3rd party deliver and also enable self-delivery with turn by turn, most efficient path routing.  Once they login to the wait list, they will see their wait list status and wait statistics.  They can even communicate directly with the host stand and will automatically be alerted when their table is ready.  We also provide full table management, including table preparation and bussing.

  • Give your customers direct control of the entire experience.  CEEVO enables you to build a relationship directly with your customers reducing the influence and control of external 3rd party vendors that may use your customers data to help themselves and even your competitors.
    If you use waitlist to manage the flow of customers into your business, we can make this experience better for you and your customers.

  • Accurate wait times are calculated instantly, to always provide your customers with the most accurate view of their wait.

  • You customers can join and further communicate directly with the host station from the comfort of their car.

  • Customers are instantly notified by TEXT when it is there turn to be seated.

  • If you want, you can even allow customers to place their order before they are seated, optimizing kitchen times and reducing wait times at the table which is better for the customer and table turns.

  • A single customer login can enable them to manage their entire experience from waitlist, ordering, paying, and customer survey, seamlessly.

  • Collect detailed data about every customer interaction.  
    To truly understand your operations and your customers you need to track the wait experience of every customer. We automatically record everything and enable a new level of performance metrics not possible in any other system.  We connect this data to all of your other data to give you complete picture of every customer experience, every time.

    • Customer Wait Data

    • Customer Service Metrics

    • POS Transaction Detail

    • Customer Survey Data

    • Marketing Data

    • Social Media Data

    • Customer WiFi Presence Data

    • Any structured or un-structured data source.

  • Don't try to manage your staff's performance based on subjective measures and rumors.  We can provide detailed metrics about every service provider to understand exactly how they stack up.

    • Enable TRUE Team Service.  Any server can fulfill any customer request.

    • Double the capacity of every server by eliminating the trip to find out what is needed. Instead, they only make trips to fulfill a request.

    • We provide you with a real-time Service Display System, like a Kitchen Display System for service.  See every request and monitor its fulfillment with ease.

    • Use detailed Customer Service Metrics to truly understand the operational performance of your business.

    • Receive automatic TEXT alerts to escalate any service item that falls short of goals. 

  • Release the power of your data using Power BI, Tableau, or other tools and connect your survey data to all of your data.

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