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Networking designed for chain operations.
Providing Resilient and Secure Networking

  • Network In A Box
    Easy to install, pre-configured to your specification using industrial components to provide a powerful easy to manage network with real-time alerts and automatic cellular failover.

  • Supports PCI Compliance  
    We help you maintain the security you need to achieve and maintain PCI compliance* and prioritize your traffic to make sure that essential systems stay connected.   In the event of a loss or degradation of network access we make sure the most important systems get the bandwidth they need will even failover to cellular service when required.  We can even provide redundant cellular connections for the highest degree of reliability.  

    • Real-Time alerts

    • Patent Pending CEEVO Service provides the fastest support

    • Cellular failover

    • Redundant cellular service option, 5G where available.

    • Optimized for CEEVO WiFi private and guest access.

    • Pricing that makes sense in single units or large chains.

  • Advanced analytics to identify emerging trends.

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