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Give Your Customers the BEST Experience Possible.
Why continue to make your customers order and pay using an inefficient and frustrating process.  Now more than ever, customers want to control their service experience.  Giving them direct order control is best for them and your operation.  Give every customer their own personal Kiosk, but also the ability to make any service request.

  • Give your customers direct control of the entire experience.  We should adapt our business to a process that is best for the customer.
    We empower your customers to not only order and pay from their phone but also enable every service request in real-time.  No more waiting for a waiter.

  • Collect detailed data about every customer interaction.  
    To truly understand your operations and your customers you need to track the fulfillment of every request made by your customers. We automatically record everything and enable a new level of performance metrics not possible in any other system.  We connect this data to all of your other data to give you complete picture of every customer experience, every time.

    • Customer Service Metrics

    • POS Transaction Detail

    • Customer Survey Data

    • Marketing Data

    • Social Media Data

    • Customer WiFi Presence Data

    • Any structured or un-structured data source.

  • Don't try to manage your staff's performance based on subjective measures and rumors.  We can provide detailed metrics about every service provider to understand exactly how they stack up.

    • Enable TRUE Team Service.  Any server can fulfill any customer request.

    • Double the capacity of every server by eliminating the trip to find out what is needed. Instead, they only make trips to fulfill a request.

    • We provide you with a real-time Service Display System, like a Kitchen Display System for service.  See every request and monitor its fulfillment with ease.

    • Use detailed Customer Service Metrics to truly understand the operational performance of your business.

    • Receive automatic TEXT alerts to escalate any service item that falls short of goals. 

  • Release the power of your data using Power BI, Tableau, or other tools and connect your survey data to all of your data.

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