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Allow Guests to avoid lines and Crowded Wait Areas!

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Enable Contactless Wait-List, To-Go, and Curbside Pickup capabilities at your restaurant with a single and affordable SaaS solution.

Along with SMS Text notifications and status updates, Provide real time two way Communication between Restaurant staff and guests all from within the system.

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Double Server Capacity While Increasing Tips

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Our Patent Pending solution will enable your customers to manage their experience at their own pace while minimizing contact between service staff and guests

Operate with reduced staffs by enabling Order, Pay, and Guest Service item requests to enhance their experience all from one interface on the guests own device.

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30-Day Free Trial Available

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Learn how your customers feel about your business.

Enable your decision makers with a robust Survey solution with in depth Reporting and Analytics.

Create your feedback survey using NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) or Ratings questions.

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Hear From and Track More Guest Experiences

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74% of delivery customers say they would prefer to order delivery directly from a restaurant as opposed to a third party.

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  • It is cheaper to create your own delivery operation.

  • 3rd party delivery companies present your competitors right next to you on their sites and they don't care who wins.

  • 3rd party delivery companies control your customer data and do not share it with you.

  • When 3rd party delivery problems occur, the restaurant takes the blame, even if the problem was the delivery.

It is your business.  Don't give control of your success to a 3rd party!

Enable Self Delivery

You Pay ZERO Fees on Your Orders

You Own the Customer Data

Easy to Use
Transparent Delivery Pricing to Your Customer

Third party delivery services charge you up to 30% of the order in fees.  There goes your profit.  Charge for delivery and do it yourself. 

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