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User Agreement

By use of this system you agree to the following terms and conditions.  This service is offered as a convenience to the customers of our clients.  Ceevo Technology, Inc. offers this service without warranty of any kind.

CEEVO Service

This service is designed to improve the customer experience for our clients business by providing you more control over the customer experience.  We enable ordering, requesting services, paying for services, and facilitating fulfillment of services by our client.



By "tapping" and item in the app you are requesting the business to fulfill that request and are agreeing to make payment for that service as if you ordered it directly from the business.  Once you have completed your order you agree to make payment in advance of receiving the product or service.  If there is a problem with the product or service you must attempt to resolve it directly with the business.  You can document any issues and provide feedback to the business through the survey form that is presented when you LOGOUT of the app at the completion of your business.



The CEEVO system provides you the ability to make payment online, through the app, by tapping the Green Payment button at the top of the app.  This process takes you to a secure web interface where you can enter your credit card information securely, directly to the payment processor.  CEEVO systems never has access to your card information.  We are issued a "token" by the credit card processor and this allows you to securely make future payments without re-entering card information.  The credit card "token" is associated with the phone number you used to login.  Future visits will have access to this payment method automatically when you login with the same phone number.


SMS Text Messages

By using the system you agree to receive SMS Text messages associated with your business transactions on CEEVO.  This provides a valuable layer of security for the transactions and can provide a reliable method of communicating valuable information about your business transaction.  There may be a cost of these SMS Text messages based on your rate plan with your cellular service provider.  Even if you have requested STOP in messages, your continued use of the system is a reapproval to receive these messages that are an important part of the service.
You can stop the flow of any marketing Text messages, not associated with a business transaction at any time by responding STOP to those marketing messages.


System Support

If you have any problems with the app, you can request assistance within the app itself by tapping the Need Help Service Item under CEEVO SUPPORT group at the bottom of the menu categories.  Support is offered on a best effort basis and no warranty is made to our ability to solve any problem.  You can also request changes to your service account and provide valuable feedback in the System Support section.

Privacy Policy

We maintain your account information purely to support your interaction with the system and improve your experience with this business.  We NEVER will sell or provide your information to any third party without your written consent, and won't ask for it.
Our detailed privacy policy is available here.

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