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Always Know What Your Customers Are Thinking!
If you are not surveying most of your customers, you are missing the greatest performance measure available.  We make it easy for every customer to take a simple or detailed survey about their experience, every time they visit.

  • Give every customer a chance to give you feedback, every time.
    Using CEEVO products, we automatically log every customer into a custom survey on every visit.  We automatically connect the survey to the check.  No codes to enter or logins needed.  We can also provide links and QR codes to take customers to the same survey using other POS systems.

  • Collect simple single question surveys or detailed surveys. 
    To truly understand your operations and your customers you need to connect all of your data in one place. We connect your survey data to all of your data.

    • Customer Survey Data

    • Customer Service Metrics

    • POS Transaction Detail

    • Marketing Data

    • Social Media Data

    • Customer WiFi Presence Data

    • Any structured or un-structured data source.

  • Don't be trapped using only the reports you get from your survey vendor.
    Release the power of your data using Power BI, Tableau, or other tools and connect your survey data to all of your data.

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