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Give Your Customers the BEST Experience Possible.
Enabling your customers by providing free guest Wi-Fi is good for them and good for you.  By providing secure wi-fi, with accepted policy protections you can no only provide a valuable service for your customers, but also collect great data about them including presences data.

  • Legal Protections for Guest Wi-Fi
    It is essential that you provide a terms of use policy for your customers to accept before allowing access.  Otherwise, you are at risk for lawsuits relating to Intellectual Property that are becoming commonplace.

  • Collect detailed data about every customer visit.  
    To truly understand your operations and your customers you need to track the presence of your customers and understand how long they remain on premises. We can capture valuable information related to their visit to help you better understand your customer experience.  We connect this data to all of your other data to give you complete picture of every customer experience, every time.

    • Customer Service Metrics

    • POS Transaction Detail

    • Customer Survey Data

    • Marketing Data

    • Social Media Data

    • Customer Wi-Fi Presence Data

    • Any structured or un-structured data source.

  • You can regulate the bandwidth available, the duration of the Wi-Fi access and use the presence information to personalize their visit.

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